1. I am trying to login to the Dino Books site but my password is not working
2. How can I change my email address?
3. How do I contact Dino Books?
4. How do I search the website for a book or author?

1. I am trying to login to the Dino Books site but my password is not working

There could be a couple of reasons for this so before contacting Dino Books customer service please try the following:

  • Please make sure that you have registered on the Dino Books website. In April 2015 we launched a new website so if you have not already registered please do so now. Register here!

  • If you are registered and your password is not working please go to Forgot Your Password and enter your email address.  

 A password reset email will then be sent to your email inbox. If you do not receive anything within a couple of minutes check your spam folder.

 Click on the link in the email, which will take you back to the site where you can enter a new password.  

  Finally, click on the Login button and enter your email address and new password to log in to the site.

2. How can I change my email address?

Once you have logged into My Account, click on Account Information. Here you can change your preferred name(s), email address and password. To confirm the change(s), press Save at the bottom of the page.

3. How do I contact Dino Books?

Please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch

4. How do I search the website for a book or author?

Our search engine makes it easy to find what you're looking for. You can search for a book or author using the search box on the top right-hand side of each page. Enter your search term in the search box, the predictive search might also offer you a few options in dropdown boxes which will appear below the search box as you type. Once you have entered and/or selected your search term click return on your keyboard. A search results page will then load and hopefully display the information you were looking for! 

If you don’t find what you are looking for or want to perform a more specific search you can also perform an Advanced Search, by clicking on 'Find a Book'! Find a Book allows you to fine-tune your search criteria. Use product title, ISBNs, author names etc to quickly find the titles you are looking for.

If you still can't find the book you are looking for it may be that it is no longer in print, or for more recent books, that it is in the process of being re-printed. Please note that we will only display titles that are in-print, whether they are in-stock or out-of-stock, and future releases with a publication date not more than three months ahead

5. How do I order online?

To place an order, simply click on the 'Add to Basket' button on the product page of the book you wish to purchase.

You can use ‘My Basket’ link on the top right-hand side of the page to view the contents of your shopping basket. Please note that if you have added item(s) to your basket you will see the number of items that are in your basket next to the My Basket e.g. My Basket (1 item) or My Basket (2 items)

When you have finished shopping, click the ‘Checkout’ link next to ‘My Basket’ and (if you haven’t already logged in) you will be given the option to Checkout as a Guest or Register. Once you have made this decision then all you need to do is follow the simple steps in the Checkout section by entering the required information and clicking continue when and if you are happy to proceed.  

6. What are your shipping costs and delivery times?

We ship to any address in the world. Orders placed before midday we will endeavour to despatch your items the same day. For orders placed after midday we aim to ship your items the next working day. Our distribution centre is closed at weekends and UK bank holidays. Shipping costs and estimated delivery times are listed below: 

UK Delivery – via Royal Mail

£2.50 for the first item + £1 for each additional book thereafter to a maximum postage cost of £7.50

Delivery expected within 3-4 days

Europe – via Airmail

£4.00 for the first item + £2 for each additional book thereafter to a maximum postage cost of £15   

Delivery expected within 12-15 days

N.America – via Airmail

£9.00 for 1 book + £4.50 for each additional book thereafter to a maximum postage cost of £30

Delivery expected within 15-20 days

World – via Airmail

£10 for 1 book + £5 for each additional book thereafter to a maximum postage cost of £35

Delivery expected within 15-20 days 

7. How can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order please contact us as soon as possible at quoting your order reference. We will endeavour to cancel the order before it is despatched. If your order has already been despatched you will need to return the book following the instructions below.

8. How can I return an order?

If you are not satisfied with an item please return it to us in the original condition within 14 days of receipt for a refund. Please include a copy of the invoice and reason for return.The cost of returned goods will be refunded to you, but please note that the delivery charges can only be refunded if the return is a result of our error or if the product is faulty. Refunds will be credited to the card used to place the order. We recommend that you use an insured or registered mail service or courier when sending items back to us as we are unable to refund items, which are damaged in return transit or not received at our premises. Unfortunately we are unable to refund any additional charges you have incurred returning the goods. Please return items to us at the address below:

Dino Books
3 Bramber Court
2 Bramber Road
W14 9PB

9. Dino Books eBooks

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a book delivered as an electronic file (e.g. ePUB or MOBI). Dino Books eBooks can be read on smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices and/or dedicated eBook devices. Once eBooks are purchased, they can be downloaded immediately from ‘My eLibrary’ within 'My Account'.

What formats are Dino Books eBooks available in?

eBooks are available in ePUB or MOBI format.  

Please note: Dino Books eBooks are not encrypted (we do not apply Digital Rights Management). We do this so that you can easily read them on all your devices including your iPads iPhones, Kindle Fire and other Android and Windows mobile devices and or your desktop at home or work. When you download an eBook you will be prompted to choose the reading application you would like to use to view the book. That might be iBooks if you are on an iPad or even another e-reading application like Bluefire (if you are on an Android or iOS mobile device) or perhaps Adobe Digital Editions if you are on a desktop.

ePUB files

Our ePUBs are digitally watermarked with your email address and can be loaded to any normal ePUB reader . To download the applications we recommend for reading ePUBS on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, please follow the links below:

MOBI files

Our MOBIs are digitally watermarked with your email address and can be loaded on to a Kindle. Just download the file to your computer, plug in your Kindle and drag the file onto your Kindle as you would normally.

Can I print or share an eBook?

Technically, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so.  If, however, you opt to print and/share the eBooks you download you will be in breach of applicable international copyright laws and if discovered you run the risk of being prosecuted.

Copyright laws help to safeguard the lively-hoods of our authors and our business as a whole. Please respect our Copyrights and refrain from sharing and or otherwise reproducing in print the eBooks you purchase and download on this website. Thank you.

Why read an eBook instead of a print book?

  • Portability: You can download several eBooks to your handheld device(s) for when you are on the move, a commute, holiday or business trip .

  • Convenience: You can download hundreds of eBooks to your computer and create a library specific to your own interests.

  • Special features: eBooks have a search facility that print books do not.

  • Cost: Dino Books eBooks are priced less than their print equivalent.

  • Instant gratification: eBooks are delivered instantaneously. You can search for an eBook, purchase it, and download it all in a matter minutes or even seconds.

Where can I find Dino Books eBooks?

Across the website! If the book you are searching for is available as an eBook then you will have the option to purchase it in that format on a grouped product page by simply selecting the eBook format you’d prefer (i.e. PDF or ePUBs).

I have an ebook question or I'm having problems accessing or downloading the ebook


10. How can I order out-of-print books?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you trace out of print Dino Books nor do we keep any such stock once a title becomes out of print.

Alternatively we suggest that you try a specialist second-hand book search company, who may be able to help you – though please be aware that some dealers may charge excessive amounts for these unavailable titles.

11. How can I contact an author?

We cannot give out personal mail or email addresses for our authors. However, all author mail is forwarded directly to our authors. Please note that we cannot guarantee a reply: Please write to:

Author name’
c/o Dino Books
3 Bramber Court
2 Bramber Road
W14 9PB

12. How can I find out more about Dino Books?

You can discover more about us by clicking here.

13. How can I submit my manuscript?

We are always looking for great kids books aimed at 9-12 year olds. Please feel free to send a short synopsis to  or by post to the address below. Please note that we do not accept fiction.

Dino Books
3 Bramber Court
2 Bramber Road
London, W14 9PB
United Kingdom

If you would like to submit your work for consideration please DO send:

  • A brief synopsis of your book, preferably chapter by chapter.

  • A covering letter with details about yourself, including details of any previously published material by you or any useful contacts or associations you have that might be relevant.

  • Sample chapters: this does not have to be the first chapter - send what you believe best illustrates your work and style.

  • SAE. We can't return material to authors who have not sent a stamped addressed envelope with the correct postage.

Please DO NOT send:

  • Your entire manuscript.

  • Your only copy of the material, especially photographs and documents as we may not be able to return them.

  • Large attachments by email, including photographs and long Word documents.

  • We will try and reply within 3 months of submission. However we cannot be held responsible in any way for loss or damage of any material you submit.

  • We cannot give editorial comments on material.

If you submit material by e-mail, attachments should be no larger than 1MB. Any attached files should be saved as .RTF to be opened in Microsoft Word. Send to

14. I am a bookseller and I would like to order books from you

Please click here to contact us