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Now, let me take you back to school. It might be slightly different to what you’re used to…

We all remember our schooldays, don’t we? The various boards (whiteboards or the good old-fashioned chalkboard, depending on where you went to school!), unruly classmates, that one teacher who didn’t own a single item of clothing that wasn’t holey. We’ve all been there and it was fantastic.

I want you to imagine you’re in a room full of maps, charts, weird little glass bottles, various antiques and possibly the odd taxidermy. You’re sat at a desk, nervously fiddling with your blazer. You have absolutely no idea what your teacher’s going to be like and, let’s face it, you’re a bit freaked out by the fox sticking its tongue out at you from across the room.

Your teacher stomps into the room, his lab coat swinging furiously, his tail almost knocking over the desks and-

Wait just a second… His tail?!

‘Come along, now’ he chides. ‘Plenty of time for questions later, don’t you think? We’ve got learning to do!’

Let’s face it, you’re a bit apprehensive. The only T-Rex you’ve seen before is the one at the Natural History museum (or the one in Jurassic Park, but the less said about that one the better!) but the one in front of you is smiling, and not like he’s going to eat you, either. Saying that, he’s also wearing glasses, a lab coat and a stethoscope and, come to think of it, you’re not so sure that’s the norm. 

‘My name is Dr Dino – where would you like to begin?’

With a click of his little fingers, Dr Dino takes you through his expertise: Universal Knowledge. From ridiculous facts about the Romans, to strange titbits about the animal kingdom, you end the day feeling ready for more.

But that’s where we have to stop you. Dr Dino doesn’t give his knowledge away for free, but he has (with the help of Chris Mitchell and Noel Botham) penned three books for you to learn from. You can pick them up right now and, with three more due later this year, there’s no better time to learn! Did the Romans really wash themselves in wee? There’s only one way to find out!

You can follow Dr Dino on Twitter or keep up with his progress on the blog. 

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